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Dryer Exhaust Cleaning

CitrusWow! Professional clothes dryers exhaust vent cleaning is recommended minimum every 2 years. Dryer lint and debris that is not collected by the dryer lint trap will eventually adhere to the interior surfaces of your dryer exhaust piping. Over time, lint and debris accumulate creating a restriction and often a blockage to the dryer exhaust. The lint and obstructions within the exhaust put extra load on the dryer unit itself creating excess heat within the machine as well as extended drying times. This type of soiling is considered an extreme fire hazard and has been attributed to house fires across the continent.

CitrusWow! uses the same equipment that we utilize for professional furnace and duct cleaning to effectively remove lint and debris from your dryer exhaust.

We clean the entire vent from the building exterior to the exhaust port in the dryer unit itself ensuring peace of mind for the homeowner.

I Will Have You Back Regularly

Thank you for cleaning my dryer vent as well as the education. I will have you back regularly from here out.

Tom N. - New Maryland N.B.